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Feb. 19th, 2009
Office Password Recovery 5.0 is released with a much faster recovery speed!
April 24th, 2009
Password Recovery Bundle - dynamic program combination to recover passwords!
Jun. 1th, 2009
Windows Password Recovery 6.0 supports to burn the ISO image file on USB Flash drive and floppy disk is coming soon!
July 20th, 2009
Excel Password Recovery 5.0 is released to decrept the Excel password for you to view and edit the workbooks and sheets!
July 27th, 2009
RAR Password Recovery 5.0 is released meeting the strong demands from users!
Password Recovery Bundle
    This bundle can save much money, as all the tools are necessities for me a computer technician, huh.
    (John Switzerland)
    I'm wondering if, and How I can recover my old windows password. I couldnt remember my password, so I reset it to a password I can remember now. however, I am unable to enter Windows now with no password. I don't want to reinstall the system, there are photos of my grand father that passed away a year ago. I tried your prog, finding it really helpful. I'm out of the situation right now, and I can view the photos, thanks you guys, your job is excellent.
    (Denmark Bob)

I actually found the perfect solution just yesterday. My favorite and what I used was "Windows Password Recovery 6.0". It helps me solve the problem in the shortest time. I appreciate it!
(Canada Miller)

I found my old laptop from Windows 95 and I'm trying to open some files I locked when I was a teenager. Ugh... can't even imagine what they were. I tried to get around the passwords and keep guessing until I finally find a link to your software! It works cool and I like it. After i tried PDF Password Recovery and Office Password Recovery, i find them are awsome too. So i bought the bundle. Well, save much money, but they are at hand whenever i have to use them.
(New Zealand Naylor)

Windows Password Recovery 6.0

I was confronted the password problem, My classmate recommend me to take use of Windows Password Recovery, I tried and solve my problem within minutes. Thanks!
(Malaysia Will Scarlet)

windows password is a professional password reset tool for those who have been locked out of computer. It is smart to empty the previous password without erasing anything.
(Netherlands Dale)

Someone have set a password on my computer. The password had been set on administrator's level. Running on windows xp. I've got nothing to do in order to enter windows, I can't! I can't reinstall it too, a lot of files on the desktop. When I was wondering how to do, I refer to google and tried several pieces of prog, finding yours is good, can remove the password instantly. Perfect!
(Finland Dannial)

I went on a trip, leaving my kids at home. When I'm back to log on the computer, I can't! the system asks for a password. I didn't set any password to it. When I asked my boy, he denies, but I know that's his job, as he is the only one who is so interested in computer games and settings. I'm looking forward a method to remove the password for windows XP, as I do not wanna re-install as a lot of old photos carrying memories are stored on the computer. Your program is good, it helps me to successfully remove the password and let me in again, thank you guys very much.
(France LeeJe )

I use your software to remove a admin password on windows xp home edition with FAT32 partition without formating the system successfully, thank you.
(Germany Jolan)< Top of page Top of page >

PDF Password Recovery 5.0

I am using PDF reader. My files having password protection, but I dont know that password. I would like to remove that passwords of all files. I got your software prog, tried to use, and find it fast, so I bought the full version, and all the passwords including the open password and the print password are all discovered and removed, thank you guys, this is important to my company!
(US Maid Marion)

I downloaded an ebook in PDF from RapidlibWinRAR/RARy but it is protected with a password. It does not open. Your software helps to remove the password. It's cool!
(US Linda)

I forgot the password to a VERY important file of mine and don't have a backup. I've tried every program I could find using google, after comparison, I finally decided to use your software. It really did a very good job for me. I like.
(New Zealand Ray)

I use a password security for a pdf file for poeple not to print and edit, now I could not remember the password, what can I do, so that i can print and edit the file, it a company profile. I used your prog to remove the password, it works fast, thank you.
(Canada Katrian)

I tried your program to remove user password for my pdf documents which I forgot the passwords. The program is excellent though the password is well selected.
(US Linda)

Office Password Recovery 5.0

I am using office 2003... I set password to the excels but really can't figure out what the password is. I'm a little panic as the excels are data of my company, I googled and find your program, it really helped me very much. I even don't know there are such kinds of progs, thank you guys.
(Australia Benjamin)

I have a Microsoft Document file & i give a password & now I am forgot it!!! I use your prog to recover the password, and it removes the old password for me too. I like it.
(Britain Jim)

I know that in order for me to delete the password, I first have to enter the correct password in, but here's the deal. My so called friend wrote this document on my computer and he's currently in jail for 30 days. I think he is trying to get with my wife and kids. I drive truck and when my mother in law told me that he locked a document on my computer without my permission, I tried to open it, but it obviously didn't open. I would like to remove the password to see what he wrote, to either confirm or deny my suspicions. I can delete the document without entering the password, but I want to read what it says first. When I was in a situation don't know what to do, I find your program. It displays the password to me and also helps to remove the password, thank you very much.
( UK Carrie)

Word Password Recovery 5.0

I've used your program to open a document left by my colleague for the data, and it works, you guys did a very good job.
(US Denial)

I need to open a Word document that I created a year ago and protected but now can't remember the password. I was going to buy some password recovery software and recommended by my friend to use your software, I tried and find it work for me.
(Puskab Austria)

I need to open a Microsoft Word 2003 document which has been password protected. I saved the file a few weeks ago, but cannot remember the password. Your program works!
(Australia John DK)

I've stupidly put a password on a word document and cannot remember the password. Your prog recovered the password for me. I like.
(Wishton Brazil)

I have very important file of ms word and i was make it password protect... and i forget password. I use your prog to open it and it really helped me out, thanks you guys.
(New Zealand Aziz)

I'm the network technician of my company. My colleagues use different versions of ms word from 97 to 2003, and they have left job last month leaving a lot of word documents protected. We need the information, I searched in google finding your program, it works really especially the dictionary attack, fabulous.
(Britain Debprasa)

Excel Password Recovery 5.0

I use your software to open my college's Excel file on his computer. He has left job somehow without informing us the password to his documents; your program helps a lot, thanks.
(UK Gorge W Jim) < Top of page Top of page >

I have never personally used such a utility for Excel, it works perfect.
(US Stone Lee)

I need a password recovery tool for an excel file on an OSX platform, and your program just works, awesome!
(US John)

I fogoted the password in excel and don't know how to do, as the file is going to be an evident for me, it lists all the data of the last fiscal year. Your tool helped me, thank you for you guys doing such a meaningful thing. Many thanks!
(North Korean Imzx)

I have an excel file protected with password but unfortunately I have forgotten the password. It is really hard to make another excel sheet like that. I want to make find the password and make it unprotected! I did a search finding your program, tried and find it easy to use and did help me recover the password, thanks! Well, I will not set a password to it any more!
(Kskaca Russia)

ZIP Password Recovery 5.0

You guys did a good job for the good program I like.
(US Lee)

I have a ZIP file that was made a long time ago and it has my resume in it and aparently i used a different password than my norm. with your program, I've got my resume and got a new job. Thanks!
(Moki Mexico)

I had set up a WinZIP file a while back with a password. I went to get back into and stupid me forgot what password I used. Your prog works!
(Kelly Indonesia)

Your brute-force with mask attack really works. I thought it only brute-force attack. Well, excellent job.
(Burnt Malaysia)

I got a used computer and found a ZIP file in "My Pictures" called "P.O.L.ZIP" I tried to extract it and it said that the file is in password-protected and prompted for a password. the same thing happened when I tried to open the file "new.ZIP". I searched in google and find your prog, and it helped me to recover the password. and I am able to open the WinZIP/ZIP and use the files in the archive. This prog is really not bad, I like it.
(Manuel Quebec)

RAR Password Recovery 5.0

Your software rocks! I like it.
(US Jenny)

I have some password protected WinRAR/RAR files. I set very long passwords for them and because I did not use them for ages, I forgot the password to open them. I actually use some key word combinations, so I choose to use the dictionary attack with your prog. Wow, it really works!
(Philippines Lectem)

I have like 75 to recover in all and I bought the "Unlimited Users License". It rocks!
(Canada Jerry)

I am having password protected WinRAR/RAR folder, and I recover it with your RAR Password Recovery 5.0 Not bad!
(Sophia Japan))

I have downloaded a RAR file from internet, but I can neither open nor extract the files from it since it is password protected. I use your prog to recover the password and really it did a good job. Thanks.
(US Linda) < Top of page Top of page >

I have used your software to open a downloaded movie. Cool!
(Rob Mexico)

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