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This is a very good programme. Keep it up.
US Jchebbet
Password Recovery Bundle is easy to install and easier to use. The results are great. I have been using it since two months and did not face any problem so far. I am glad I found it.
Debbie Walsh
General Questions on Office Password Recovery 5.0
1. What is Office Password Recovery and what can it do for me?
2. What Office versions does it support?
3. Can I use it to remove the write password?
4. Is it easy to use?
5. What is brute-attack?
6. What is mask? What is brute-force with mask attack?
7. What is dictionary?
8. What is the program priority?
9. What is Idle?
10. What is High?
11. What's the difference between the demo version and the full version?
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Office Password Recovery and what can it do for me?

A: If want to open and edit a password-protected MS Word or Excel document without the password, then Office Password Recovery will show you the password and enables you to edit the file.

Q: What Office versions does it support?

A: Microsoft Office 97-2007: MS Excel 97-2007; MS Word 97-2007.

Q: Can I use it to remove the write password?

A: Yes, sure. When the attack finishes, the program will show you the open password, and then click the "Remove All Passwords from the File" button to remove all the passwords. Then you are allowed to edit the document.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes, it's easy. With the caring interface and intuitive instructions, you will find the manipulation of the program is as easy as a pie.

Q: What is brute-attack?

A: Brute-attack is to let the program find the password without offering any clues to it.

Q: What is mask? What is brute-force attack?

A: Mask is the hints you offer to the program. For example the possible password length, the possible characters in the password, the cases of the password, etc. Brute-force with mask attack is to look up the password according to the hints you offered to the program. When compared to brute force attack, this brute-force with mask attack is based on password clues, which is time-saving.

Q: What is dictionary?

A: Dictionary is a commonly used terminology in the field of password attack. The dictionary is a text file that the program is based on to attack the password. A dictionary is listing characters, numbers and character sets and the like which may be the most frequently used as password parts, like a, ab, 12, 09, ab1, etc. The program is to look up the password based on the dictionary. This dictionary can either be the integrated dictionary file or a dictionary user creates.

Q: What is the program priority?

A: Changing Program Priority allows you to control the allocation of processing resources on your computer. A multi-tasking operating system such as Windows, allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously, but most computers have only one central processor. This means the OS must divide the total amount of work, and the processor must perform between those programs. While each application has a priority that is automatically determined by the OS, the default allocation of resources among running tasks doesn't always provide maximum system productivity. So you may set the program priority for preferred system productivity.

Q: What is Idle?

A: A computer processor is described as Idle when it is not being used by any program. If you choose Idle here, it means the processor will only perform Office Password Recovery.

Q: What is High?

A: While the computer processor is performing multiple programs simultaneously, if you set the Office Password Recovery as High, it indicates the processor will allocate more processing resources to it. This will definitely increase its performance. However, in this case, other programs on the system won't receive an appropriate share of processing resource, which may reduce their performances.

Q: What's the difference between the demo version and the full version?

A: For the demo version, passwords longer than 3 characters can't be displayed. Remove all passwords from the file is not available either. The full version can attack passwords of any length and supports to remove all passwords from the file for editing.

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